How Effective is Your Board?

Are your board meetings taken up with impassioned discussion on vision, innovation and proactive decision making or bogged down in operational management issues, trivial detail and passive participation?  Claire Ford, CEO in the Scotsman on how Boards can be more effective.

With more than 24,000 charitable organisations across Scotland all subject to the new OSCR guidelines it’s no surprise there is a bit of a governance minefield out there and organisations often don’t know where to turn to for advice and guidance on how to implement this with day to day working.

If we all take a minute to step back and review our board meetings over the last year what do we find most of our board’s time is taken up with at meetings? I would be delighted to hear that it’s vision, impassioned discussions, innovation and proactive decision making about adding value but I have a suspicion it may be time spent bogged down in trivial detail, passive participation and caught up in operational management of the organisation. 

If upon reflection your board operates as the latter described above how well does everyone understand the organisation? If they don’t, how could you change this and ensure strategic direction and effective governance are key priorities?


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