Payment Options

The Recognised for Excellence cost is based on size, scope and complexity of your organisation. If you are unsure of your fee please contact your Account Director.

  • Members: £5,600 - £7,600 (plus VAT) 
  • Non-Members: £7,700 - £9,700 (plus VAT)

Quality Scotland is now offering organisations the opportunity to go through Recognised for Excellence outside the Awards Cycle dates. This is due to feedback from some organisations and Assessors who struggle to fit within the dates proposed for Site Visits. 

Payment Options

*Unless paying the fee in full, there will be a £1000 deposit invoiced after completing this application. This deposit will be deducted from the total R4E cost and will cover a 2 year period.

Our payment terms request payment within 21 days. Please remember that as an independent charity we depend entirely on prompt payment from our Members and customers to continue our valuable work. If you have any queries about the different payment options please contact us for more information.