12th Nov 2019

Being an Awards Assessor

Curious about being part of an external assessment? This webinar will cover the Recognised for Excellence process, what is involved for an Assessor, the benefits, how it can develop your understanding of the Excellence Model and how you will gain practical experience of implementing RADAR.

13th Nov 2019

Managing Change

Strong leadership and management in an organisation can create a real sustainable advantage. The demands of today’s manager are based around providing inspirational leadership, managing change and continually improving their organisation’s performance.

This training develops the skills and behaviours necessary to support business growth and create long lasting individual development.

14th Nov 2019

Human Rights – Applying the EFQM Model in the promotion of and compliance with Human Rights law and policy in Scotland

This workshop will provide an overview of current Human Rights law and policy in Scotland, together with examples of good practice and provide an opportunity to plan next steps in your own organisation, involving key stakeholders.

28th Nov 2019

Voluntary Sector Network Meeting

The Voluntary Sector Network meets quarterly to provide opportunities to ‘share what works’ and to apply this to current challenges and topical issues. Regardless of size of organisation or type of service delivery, members are all working with EFQM. This provides a common language and framework to facilitate discussion and learning.

29th Nov 2019

Facilitation Skills

This practical workshop will prepare you to understand the theory of facilitation and allow you to practice facilitation in a safe group setting. Delegates will understand the requirements of effective facilitation, key facilitation skills and how to practice these skills. Delegates will gain experience of a variety of facilitator’s tools and creative techniques, as well as practical exercises for dealing with challenging behaviours.

9th Dec 2019

EFQM Model 2020 Update Event

Following the official launch of the EFQM Model at the Forum on 23rd and 24th October 2019, this workshop will help delegates get familiar with the new Model and gain an understanding of how it can be applied to their organisation.