Human Rights – Applying the EFQM Model in the promotion of and compliance with Human Rights law and policy in Scotland

This workshop will provide an overview of current Human Rights law and policy in Scotland, together with examples of good practice and provide an opportunity to plan next steps in your own organisation, involving key stakeholders.

The workshop will be co-facilitated by Carole Ewart, Public Policy and Human Rights Specialist from Ewart Communications and Quality Scotland. 


This workshop will cover;

  • Why complying with human rights legislation is important for all organisations.
  • How the EFQM Model provides a relevant framework.
  • What the next steps are for your own organisation and how to involve key stakeholders

The session will also make the connection with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which have respect for human rights at their core.  Human rights can be realised in the design, delivery and impact of the 169 targets by complying with the rights contained in the ECHR, the International Labour Organisation (ILO), UN human rights treaties as well as environmental standards such as the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations. 

The workshop will start at 10.00am and finish at 3.00pm, and lunch will be provided. Please allow for 15 minutes before the start time to register.

At A Glance

  • Local delivery of the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government 2019-2020 commitment ‘to respect, protect and fulfil human rights’.
  • Local delivery of the 47 recommendations on human rights across two reports, published in 2018, and driven by: The National Taskforce for Human Rights Leadership; the Equalities and Human Rights Committee of the Scottish Parliament such as its inquiry on Third Sector funding on human rights as part of its Budget Scrutiny process.
  • Activity on adopting international human rights standards in Scotland including the UN Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women, the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities and the Scottish Government’s incorporation of UNCRC into Scots law.
  • Staff and organisational culture changes prompted by recent independent polling by the Scottish Human Rights Commission.

"Carole adds value to our work by providing us with incisive knowledge and analysis on human rights and its relevance for the 1 million people with hearing loss in Scotland.  Carole's skills and guidance, as well as her alerts on human rights opportunities, are valued by our staff team and membership base."


"Carole provided expertise and knowledge of all things human rights, including the relevance of the UN’s monitoring systems. That expertise gave us a good starter-for-10 on key issues related to human rights, as well as providing specific direction on current activity in Scotland on human rights budgeting.  Carole’s input was a great help to us."

Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector

Event Information

14/11/19 10:00 - 15:00
Cost per delegate

Non-members: £300.00 + VAT

Members: £250.00 + VAT