Annual Cross Sector Network Meeting

Join us on 25th April 2019 for our Annual Cross Sector Network Meeting bringing together all our members to share best practice regardless of what sector you come from.

If you're not yet a member we would love to see you there.


We are delighted to have the following speakers:

  • Mark Merrell (Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations Council) - Implementing RADAR and the benefits of a business excellence approach.
  • Rebecca Kelly (West Lothian Council) - An update on the EFQM Model renewal
  • Darren Yeates (Royal Bank of Scotland) - Spotlight on Agile. Find out what Agile is and how RBS is implementing it.
  • Claire Ford (CEO Quality Scotland) - Quality Scotland update


The Academy, Dunedin Canmore, 8 New Mart Road, Edinburgh, EH14 1RL

Event Information

25/04/19 09:30 - 13:00
Other Venue

This is a free event