Benchmarking for Better Results

This practical half-day course will prepare you to carry out a benchmarking exercise within your own organisation.

“Breaking down the barriers to benchmarking”

We’re unique, so benchmarking doesn’t apply to us…does it? 

When you want to continuously improve or aspire to be the best, how do you know you are achieving this without comparing with others? Have you dismissed benchmarking approaches and performance in areas of your business, because there are aspects of how you conduct your business or of your operating environment that are unique to you?  Or are you concerned about competitive sensitivities?

If any of these questions apply to you then this course is for you.  It aims to bust the myths around benchmarking and introduce methods of approaching benchmarking exercises that can be tailored to suit every business. 

This workshop is a logical successor to the Benchmarking Webinar.

Inhouse options also available - please contact us for details and prices.

At A Glance

  • Learn about the theory of successful Benchmarking
  • Find out how Benchmarking fits within the EFQM Excellence Model and RADAR © scoring framework
  • Start to plan your own organisation’s Benchmarking project
  • Network with other like-minded organisations attending the workshop, and start building up your database of potential Benchmarking partners

Who should attend

Suitable if you have a lot, very little or no knowledge of the EFQM Excellence Model and RADAR© and/or:

  • You want to understand what Benchmarking is and how it helps your organisation achieve its strategic goals
  • You have attended the Benchmarking Webinar and you want to learn how to apply the theory
  • You haven't attended the Webinar but you have at least a very basic knowledge of the theory
  • You are interested in adding to your network of potential Benchmarking Partners
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Event Information

05/09/19 09:00 - 12:30
Cost per delegate

Non-members: £350.00 + VAT

Members: £175.00 + VAT

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On completing the course, delegates will receive a certificate of attendance from Quality Scotland. 

This course may contribute to your Continuing Professional Development hours