EFQM Qualified Assessor Training

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A unique way to build experience, this course is the only official EFQM Qualified Assessor Training available in Scotland.

This intensive 3-day course will further develop your assessor competencies and their practical application through greater understanding of an organisation's context and strategic priorities.  It will confirm your experience through team work and discussion forums, supported by a case study, enabling you to perform a close to real life assessment of an organisation applying for the Recognised for Excellence programme.

Day 1: you will consolidate the pre-course work on strategic priorities as a team, before looking at the importance of an organisation's context and stakeholders' expectations. You will gain a deeper understanding of the Fundamental Concepts and be able to use your knowledge of the Model and RADAR ©.  

Day 2: you will focus on the practical application of assessment in the Site Visit: turning hypothesis into feedback; site visit planning and interviewing; understanding "Ability to Demonstrate"; writing the Executive Summary, Criterion Part feedback and RADAR © Scoring.

Day 3: you will learn how to compile the feedback report including strategic feedback on the Fundamental Concepts of Excellence, operational level feedback on criteria using  RADAR © scoring, and provide feedback to senior management during a closing meeting.

You must:

  • pass the EFQM Assessor Training course before attending this training, and demonstrate your experience of performing self-assessment, internal assessment or peer assessment of other organisations; you are required to complete a skills and experience pro forma at intial booking and a Quality Scotland team member may contact you for a short interview.
  • in advance of the course, familiarise yourself with the case study to understand the organisation and its environment, and complete and return pre-course work; the pre-course work takes approximately 15-20 hours and will be sent to you six weeks before the course start date.
  • complete a short homework assignment on the evening of Day 1 (15-20 minutes) and a longer piece of homework on the evening of Day 2 which will take 1- 2 hours to complete and is explained by the trainers on the course.

This is a pass/fail course. Throughout the 3 days, your performance will be evaluated by the trainers, based on an Assessor Competency Framework. The individual assessment and coaching is based on your team work contributions, evaluation of information, feedback and written exercises; this is so that you can further develop your strengths and work on your areas for improvement.

Passing this course will demonstrate to colleagues and peers that you have acquired the skills and knowledge to assess an organisation effectively as part of a high performing assessment team. As well as developing and practicing managerial skills, it will enable you to perform self-assessment, internal assessment and peer assessment, allowing you to develop your experience further.

Another way to put your training into practice is by taking part in a Recognised for Excellence assessment, where you will be part of an Assessment Team made up of Assessors from various organisations across Scotland. It is an excellent opportunity to develop professionally and discover best practice you can bring back to your own organisation. 

In-house option aslo available - please contact us for details and prices.

At A Glance

  • Understand how to perform robust Committed to Excellence (C2E) and Recognised for Excellence (R4E) assessments
  • Learn how to deliver balanced, high added-value feedback for all applicant organisations at both strategic and operational levels
  • Develop and practice managerial skills, participating in practical exercises for you and your team to learn how an external assessment progresses from start to finish, to make a valuable contribution to an external assessor team
  • Benefit from individual coaching with a maximum delegate-to-trainer ration of 6:1. Throughout the course your performance will be evaluated against an Assessor Competency Model by EFQM accredited and experienced trainers with one-to-one reviews at the beginning and end of the course

Who should attend

Suitable if you:

  • have passed the EFQM Assessor Training, and
  • wish to further develop your assessor skills and confirm your experience to be able to perform asssessment in the EFQM Levels of Excellence.

This course for experienced assessors is far better than repeating another EAT course - real value in practicing the feedback compilation and delivery, much more realistic for an actual site visit. Really enjoyed working with the small team who attended this course.

Event Information

05/06/18 - 07/06/2018
Cost per delegate

Non-members: £2 500.00 + VAT

Members: £1 250.00 + VAT


On passing the course you will receive a certificate confirming your success and feature on the EFQM Qualified Assessor database.

This course may contribute to your Continuing Professional Development hours.


EFQM logoProvided under licence, this is the only official EFQM Assessor Training available in Scotland.