Young Scots involved in the EFQM Forum 2018

YOYP2018 logoIn the Year of Young People we are delighted to have involved Scottish young people in a video that will be played at the EFQM Forum in Vienna in October. These are our ambassadors of Excellence for the future and it’s great to have them involved in such a major event across Europe. 

For the Forum, these young people have shared their requirements and expectations of their future employers - which is something for us all to think about as current and potential employers of young people. How are our young people being developed with a continuous improvement mind-set? Are our workforces of the future fully equipped with all the key skills they will need and where will excellence fit in? Maybe we should all remind ourselves of the Fundamental Concepts and how we are thinking of our young people in relation to these? How can we ensure that we use the Fundamental Concepts of Excellence to ensure our future workforces have all the skills they need? 

If you have good practice you'd like to share with us and our members, contact us!

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