Walk before you can run? Find the starting line first.

running manWhether an organisation has set its strategic goals out for the years to come or is beginning to develop new ones, you can't begin to move forward without knowing where you start from.

Self-assessment is a comprehensive, systematic and regular review by the organisation of its activities and results referenced against a Model of Excellence. This process allows an organisation to discern clearly its strengths and opportunities in which improvements can be made.  

Why is self-assessment important?

Self-assessment is an integral part of any continuous improvement process. After all, how can you improve if you don’t know what’s working and what’s not? Self-assessment enables an organisation to understand its current level of performance and to implement improvement actions that will drive the organisation forward.

How your organisation carries out a self-assessment depends on where you are on your excellence journey, which method best suits your organisation's needs and what resources you have available.

Benefits of self-assessment

  • Objective discussion on the performance of an organisation
  • Central to a continuous improvement cycle
  • Involve people in the business improvement process
  • Increase awareness of the organisation's strategy
  • Opportunity to identify best practice

Quality Scotland offers a variety of products  and services to support your self-assessment and can also facilitate your self-assessment. Our facilitators have many years of experience implementing business improvement programmes and an in-depth knowledge of the EFQM Excellence Model and other bespoke frameworks.


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