Is There Still a Value to Awards? - Scotsman

Claire Ford, our CEO in the Scotsman on the value of awards for organisations across all sectors in Scotland today.

It is an interesting phenomenon, the Business Award. Having just celebrated our 25th Anniversary Scottish Awards for Business Excellence with a room of over 300 people, I am still buzzing from the energy that surrounded all our winners.  As an organisation which works with all sectors across Scotland to facilitate their journey towards excellence, we see many different styles and thought processes around awards and indeed on our stage we presented awards to a true breadth of organisations.

For many organisations it isn’t so much about the award itself, but rather the process they go through to achieve the award, at whatever level. Others like to have the award as an external verification of their efforts to make themselves a better organisation. Still others view the award as an accolade which gives them an advantage during any bidding process over businesses who do not have such an accredited and widely sought after award. All three types of motivation are perfectly commendable and all three imply an organisation that is concerned about how it performs, and how people outside the organisation think it performs.

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