Strategic Improvement

These workshops are aimed at the top levels of the organisation, specifically for those who:

  • Help to identify and/or lead their organisation's improvement projects
  • Are responsible for the development of their organisation's strategy
  • Engage and work with their organisation's stakeholders

How well equipped is your business for growth?

How often do you consider the question: “How do we really find out how good we are as an organisation and what do we need to focus on to improve & grow?” This practical half-day facilitated workshop is designed to help you take the first steps towards answering that question.

Continuous Improvement Through Self-Assessment

This practical half-day workshop will prepare you to understand and communicate the benefits of self-assessing against a framework, to bring about continuous improvement within your organisation.

Strategic Planning

For organisations that wish to undertake a strategic planning exercise, ideally with the input of a group of senior leaders and key managers.

Stakeholder Mapping

How do you engage with your stakeholders?  Do you have a current picture of who your stakeholders are?  Have you planned how you engage with them?  What is a stakeholder anyway, and why does it matter?

Through this practical half-day facilitated workshop we can help you and your team work through these questions together.