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Your key to the RADAR Loop for improving your practices and the results of your organisation. It will perform all that you want it to perform if you believe in it. The more you'll believe in it, the more it will work.

Sustainable excellence is a question of life or death for your organisation. You know that and every leader knows that, but...

How to drive performance? How to find your dens in the Babylon of the management and leadership approaches theories and gurus' recommendations? What does your organisation need to pay attention to in order to be successful? How to deploy integrated performance management?

How to invite all your coworkers to one of the most enthralling challenges you ever proposed to them?

How to tackle the performance problem of your organisation when so many quality journeys go wrong and when so many recommendations and bits of advice remain dead letter?

How to bring not only your best leaders to dare make breakthroughs but your entire workforce to really want to win the new bets?

Believe me: complicated things do not work. I invite you to simply leave all the academic and dogmatic stuff and come back to simplicity and proximity with your coworkers. Adopt the Radar loop with them and not you but they will make miracles.

This book is divided in 4 sections :

  • What is going on in our organisations and reasons for changing the way of thinking in the struggle for sustainable excellence.
  • Detailed description of the generalised RADAR approach.
  • Brief summary of different ways in the search for Excellence to show that all over the World national and international Quality organisations are improving their Excellence frameworks.
  • What really makes the difference.

Florent A. Meyer

Today Florent is involved as consultant in breakthrough and innovation projects and promotes sustainable excellence and performance management around the world. French Author of several books on Business Excellence and performance (ToC Lean Six Sigma, Partnership management, Benchmarking...), his book on the EFQM Model was awarded as Reference book in French language. Florent also teaches the EFQM model, business excellence and innovation at several universities and high schools.

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