QS Ambassadors

The Quality Scotland Ambassador is announced at our annual Scottish Awards for Business Excellence. The Ambassador Award recognises ambassadors of excellence who have supported Quality Scotland on an ongoing basis for multiple years to help make excellence a national characteristic of Scotland.

In order to be recognised, an individual must demonstrate true commitment to quality and continuous improvement; they have a passion that takes them beyond their own job role and they work with others to gain knowledge and provide support. This allows the process of continuous improvement to develop, add business value, and boost workforce satisfaction.

Current QS Ambassadors at SABE

Kathryn Bryce and Lesley Aitken, (from left to right), were both named Quality Scotland Ambassadors at the Scottish Awards for Business Excellence 2018. The awards were presented by last year's QS Ambassador David Harkins (far right).

Previous QS Ambassadors

2017 David Harkins, Scottish Autism

2016 Hilary Bennison, Cornerstone

2015 Tom Nisbet, SELEX

2014 Elizabeth McGinniss, Craigdale Housing Association