Project Management & Planning

Do you...

  • participate in temporary pieces of work with specific goals and success criteria?
  • initiate, plan or execute this work?
  • ensure they are controlled and closed?
  • capture learning for future projects?

Even if your job title doesn’t include the words Project Manager, it is likely that your job role encompasses some of the typical tasks of project management. Often you will be part of a team, but equally you may have to work on your own.

Courses Available

toolsPractical Tools for Project Management

If you’d like to learn some simple tools to help you manage these kinds of pieces of work better, then our Practical Tools for Project Management workshop is designed for you.

Project Prioritisation

numbered list

If you have carried out self-assessment and identified strengths and areas for improvement, it can sometimes be quite daunting to work out the next steps. In our Project Prioritisation facilitated workshop we will facilitate a session with your team to help move you forward to identify and begin to formulate 3 key projects.