Meet our Good Practice Award Partners

For a fourth year, the Good Practice Awards will be presented at the Scottish Awards for Business Excellence, 19th June 2019. Based on the Fundamental Concepts, these Awards are exclusive to our Recognised for Excellence applicant organisations and only awarded if an organisation can demonstrate a Concept to a high level of excellence, assessed by a judging panel.

The Good Practice Awards are partnered with organisations that are recognised examples of each Fundamental Concept. 

Adding Value for Customers – Dunedin Canmore

Creating a Sustainable Future – National Green Standard 

Developing Organisational Capability – Quality Scotland 

Harnessing Creativity & Innovation – The Lens

Leading with Vision, Inspiration & Integrity – Institute of Directors 

Managing with Agility – Quality Scotland

Succeeding through the Talent of People – Remarkable 

Sustaining Outstanding Results – Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service 

Previous Award winners include Dunedin Canmore, East Lothian Council, Sense Scotland, The Wise Group, West Lothian Council, Loretto Care, City Building, and Cube Housing Association. 

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