Lean & Six Sigma Courses

  • Do you have business processes that are not as effective as they could be? 
  • Are there log-jams in your processes? Or significant variations? 
  • Steps that you question whether they are necessary?
  • Have you looked at the potential impact on your customers?

Lean and Six Sigma

We offer a range of Lean and Six Sigma solutions to help you focus on improving your processes, with your customer at the centre of what you do, such as Process Mapping and Improvement which will introduce you to the practicalities of mapping out a process.

Our Practically Lean facilitated workshop is custom-designed around the specific needs of your organisation.  We will build your capacity for process improvement by facilitating you in applying lean thinking to a practical issue you would like to address in your own organisation.

We also offer opportunities to advance through progressive course designed for developing Lean Six Sigma practitioners: Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Managing Change, Advanced Green Belt and Advanced Black Belt tools.

Scheduled courses are generally available at our Training Academy in Edinburgh, however please contact us about other dates or locations, or if you would prefer an in-house option.

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