Hear from our Awards Intern about her time with Quality Scotland

 Our Awards Intern Yvonne Beveridge shares what she has gained from her experience of working with Quality Scotland over the last 8 weeks:

 “The opportunity to work as an Intern for Quality Scotland to support their Scottish Awards for Business Excellence 2019 was brought to my attention by West Lothian College. I felt my qualities and skills would make me a good candidate so I applied and was excited to have been offered the chance to work with such a prestigious, high-profile organisation.

Liaising and corresponding with different organisations throughout the internship has given me the confidence to grow and develop my communications, interpersonal and soft skills. Taking responsibility for task management and schedule planning has also offered me an insight into the need for structure and contingency planning in order to successfully deliver a large-scale event.

On reflection throughout my internship experience with Quality Scotland I have learnt important practical and professional skills that will support going forward in my studies and future career pathway.”

Yvonne is currently a mature student with West Lothian College and is going on to study International Festivals and Event Management with Tourism at Edinburgh Napier University. We have enjoyed having her on our team at Quality Scotland and she has made a valuable contribution to the preparations for our upcoming Scottish Awards for Business Excellence 2019. We wish her the best of luck with her future studies and career.

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