Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am completely new to the EFQM Excellence Model, where is the best place to start?

You can download a free copy of the Model here and we also run a webinar (Members - free, Non-Members - £30 plus VAT) called An Introduction to the EFQM Excellence Model. You are more than welcome to call us and speak with one of our Account Directors to find out more about how the Model can be used in your job role and organisation on 0131 225 5765.

  • Is Quality Scotland a government body?

No, we are an independent registered not-for-profit organisation. 

  • If my company works across the UK can we become a member of Quality Scotland?

It depends because there are rules on how the national partners of EFQM operate. It's usually determined by where your head office is based but we do sometimes work in collaboration for some companies, please contact us for more information.

  • Can I attend an event or training course if I'm not a member?

It depends on the type of event. You are more than welcome to attend our training and events but there may be a higher rate for non-member attendees. Free events we put on for our member organisations, such as webinars and network meetings, are strictly members only. 

Members' Area
  • Can I share my login details with a colleague?

Yes - the Members' Area login information can be used by more than one person in your organisation. 

  • I can't log in and the website says my details are invalid - why is this?
  1. This may be an error with the account setting - please phone the website administrator on 0131 225 5765, who will check your account settings.
  2. Another possibility is that your organisation's membership fee is unpaid and so the website account has been temporarily suspended. Once the membership fee is up to date the account will be activated again.
  • I tried to visit a page but it won't load and says I do not have authorisation to view it.

Double check you haven't exited the web browser as this can log you out of your account - you can only view the Members' Area pages when logged in. If you are logged in but still can't access a webpage please email or phone 0131 225 5765 to let us know and we will check your account settings.

  • I've forgotten my password - How can I retrieve it?

Please phone the website administrator on 0131 225 5765, who will be able to check and send you the account password.