EQUIP Care enables your organisation’s services to complete a self-assessment using the EFQM Excellence Model while showing where the links are within the Care Inspectorate framework.

The tool uses the latest web technology to allow you to create and manage assessments easily. Logging on provides a platform to complete a self-assessment, identifying strengths and areas for improvement against the nine criteria of the EFQM Excellence Model; Leadership, Strategy, People, Partnership & Resources, Processes, Products & Services, Customer Results, People Results, Society Results and Business Results.

As the Care Inspectorate framework uses an EFQM based approach, each of the quality Indicators sits within 1 or more of these criteria. By using this aligned approach, you can meet the requirements of both.

The aligned reports available on EQUIP Care enable organisations to generate improvement plans and prioritise accordingly. The reports provided are recognised as acceptable evidence by the Care Inspectorate. This makes EQUIP Care applicable to organisations in any sector regardless of size and level of experience.

“We are delighted to work with Quality Scotland and recognise that Equip Care is a very helpful tool which can provide an effective form of self-evaluation. It may also help to align the EFQM Excellence Model with our Care Inspectorate inspection frameworks.  The use of tools such as Equip Care can help organisations to take a proactive and structured approach to improving outcomes for people experiencing care and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with Quality Scotland for that benefit.”
Peter Macleod, Chief Executive of the Care Inspectorate

EQUIP Care helps you to:
  • Fully understand your organisation’s strengths and areas for improvement against a robust framework.
  • Prioritise and implement improvement activities.
  • Get inspection ready.
  • Provide relevant and meaningful reports for the Care Inspectorate
  • Achieve tangible results from your improvement activities.