EFQM Model

Regardless of sector, size, structure or maturity, organisations need to establish an appropriate management framework to be successful.

The EFQM Model is a practical, non-prescriptive framework that enables organisations to:

  • Assess where they are on the path to excellence

  • Provide a common vocabulary and way of thinking about the organisation

  • Integrate existing and planned initiatives, removing duplication and identifying gaps

  • Provide a basic structure for the organisation’s management system


Whilst there are numerous management tools and techniques commonly used, the EFQM Model provides a holistic view of the organisation and it can be used to determine how these different methods fit together and complement each other. The Model can therefore be used in conjunction with any number of these tools, based on the needs and function of the organisation, as an overarching framework for developing sustainable excellence. 

Excellent Organisations achieve and sustain outstanding levels of performance that meet or exceed the expectations of all their stakeholders.

All organisations strive to be successful. Some fail, some achieve periods of success but ultimately fade from view, and a few achieve sustainable success, gaining deserved respect and admiration. 

The European Foundation for Quality Management was formed to recognise and promote sustainable success and to provide guidance to those seeking to achieve it. The EFQM Model is a globally-recognised management framework which allows organisations to achieve success by measuring where they are on the path towards transformation, helping them understand the gaps and possible solutions available, and empowering them to progress and significantly improve their organisation’s performance.

Used appropriately, the EFQM Model, with the associated RADAR logic, ensures that all the management practices used by an organisation form a coherent system that is continually improved and delivers the intended strategy for the organisation.

Since its inception, the EFQM Model has provided a blueprint for organisations across and beyond Europe to develop a culture of performance and innovation. The new EFQM Model allows organisations to embrace change, drive performance and evolve for the future. 

The Model can benefit both organisations of any size or sector and individuals seeking a tried and tested management framework. So if you want to define a strong purpose, inspire leaders at every level and create a culture committed to driving performance, while remaining agile, adaptive and able to evolve for the future, then the new EFQM Model is for you.