EFQM Model

Build the capacity within your team to make robust self-assessment integral to your business.

Continuous improvement over time, doesn’t usually happen by chance. There’s a need to build capacity within an organisation to help it do that and to do it in structured manner.

Self-assessment, against a framework or model, is a method of achieving a shared understanding of the current position of the organisation, what progress will look like, and to understand if an organisation is improving. 

The globally used EFQM Model coupled with our Assessor Development Path enables an organisation to look at what it is seeking to achieve, what it is doing to get there and to what extent this is really happening throughout the business, allied to whether the organisation is reviewing and refining what it does over time.  The skills learned and developed through the Assessor Development Path are transferable to many other frameworks and models. 

What are the benefits of investing in training key members of your staff?
  • Stepped training: progress at a pace that suits the individual and the organisation
  • Opportunities for experience through practical application
  • Cost-effective method to build capacity from within
  • Personal, professional and organisational development
  • Transferable skills, applicable to a range of excellence frameworks and models
  • Shared language, contributing to organisational coherence
  • Access to a network of professionals committed to continuous improvement
  • Training accredited by the well respected and globally renowned EFQM standard

After completing your EFQM Assessor course you are accredited to be an Assessor for Recognised for Excellence assessments and can put your training into practice.

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