EFQM Excellence the Right Model for Third Sector to Ensure Provision of a Quality Service

Ann Pike, Head of Business Development, in the Scotsman today on how the EFQM Excellence Model is the ideal framework for third sector organisations to ensure their governance model is fit for purpose.  In light of recent public scrutiny on how charities are governed and calls to reform legislation relating to the governance of the third sector Ann ascertains that the EFQM Excellence Model is an ideal framework for third sector organisations to adopt to ensure the impact they are making at all levels within their organisation is strategically sound and is based on the needs of their service users and stakeholders. If the Excellence Model is used holistically to ensure the whole organisation is well governed you can easily prepare submissions for the purposes of OSCR and other regulatory bodies that demonstrate strong governance and real value adding impact. Regular assessment against the Excellence Model will ensure relevant information is assessed to enable effective improvements to be made, again something funders and regulators should welcome.

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