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Your quick way to determine your organisation's position against a framework of Excellence. 

This Questionnaire consists of 44 equally weighted and balanced statements driven from the EFQM Excellence Model.

When you start a road trip, before starting your engine and deciding the route to be taken, you first need to know your current position. When you consider starting a journey towards Excellence, it is exactly the same: before selecting and implementing improvement actions, you first need to have a structured picture of your organisation in order to comprehend your current level of Excellence.

This Questionnaire has been designed to help any organisation determine its position against a framework of Excellence, boost start and select priorities. It is based on a tried and tested methodology for assessing organisations on a number of aspects that together define excellence in terms of the organisation's capability and achievements.

The Questionnaire consists of equally weighted and balanced statements driven from the EFQM Excellence Model. Simply asking these questions can never provide the complete picture of an organisation's achievement and potential. It does, however, provide a useful starting point and indicator for subsequent activities. By assessing your organisation, it will allow you to identify the "Strengths" and the "Areas for Improvement" of your organisation and subsequently decide objectively where focus improvement efforts.


If you are at an early stage of your Excellence journey, this Questionnaire is the best supporting tool to conduct your first self-assessment: completing the Questionnaire will help your organisation identify its current position and determine future directions and priorities.

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