Data Management

  • How well do you use data to inform decision-making?
  • What information have you identified as key to demonstrating what you are achieving?
  • How do you present data and information in a way that represents what is truly happening? 
  • How can you present your key data and information in a way that communicates clear messages in a straightforward way?

Whilst we collect masses of data in organisations, we may be less effective at making sense of it all.  Our data management and presentation courses and workshops are designed to help you consider how you identify, use and present data as information, to inform direction and decision-making.

Courses Available

Data Quackery

If you are overwhelmed with data or just don’t know where to start, a Data Quackery session will strip away the mystique.  You’ll learn some straightforward data analysis tools that will enable you to simplify your approach going forward.

Balanced Scorecard

If your issues are more about how to identify and present key information, then one approach to consider is using a Balanced Scorecard to connect your organisation’s strategy through to operational elements including measures and targets.

Understanding the Balanced Scorecard Approach is a one day course providing an overview of the approach, and its links with other approaches.  A workshop on Using the Balanced Scorecard Approach run over 3 days provides support to organisations in the early stages of developing their own Balanced Scorecard.