Could a Facilitator Help You?

A facilitator can be invaluable during a meeting or focus group – they keep people to time, on topic, and ensure the meeting’s objectives are achieved and recorded. But you might feel your group is too small to need a facilitator or you might have a large number of people and multiple sessions to coordinate. Recent work Quality Scotland has undertaken can show you how flexible our facilitation service can be.

SG SummitLast month we undertook the exciting task of facilitating the Good Food Nation Bill Summit for the Scottish Government. With over 100 attendees from various backgrounds – farmers, teachers, food bloggers, charities, public sector – split into seven groups, it was imperative to ensure everyone felt their voice was heard and that their view would be taken forward in future discussions around the Bill. Each of the seven groups had a facilitator and note taker to record discussions and afterwards the reams of flipchart paper and post-its were collated, reviewed for recurring themes, and then consolidated into a final report.

In contrast to this small army of facilitators and note takers, Quality Scotland staff regularly visit member organisations in pairs to facilitate sessions with teams or senior management who are preparing for a Level of Excellence. Whether this is using one of the EQUIP tools or the standard pen and paper route, the session tends to be half a day with a tight focus on creating a plan of action that will lead to the organisation successfully achieving recognition.

If you have a meeting or event coming up that you think might benefit from an independent facilitator contact us to find out more about our facilitation services. Or if you are interested in developing your own skills there are workshops available so you can facilitate groups yourself.

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