Communication added to Strategic Vision Key - Scotsman

Claire Ford, our CEO in the Scotsman today on what it means to lead with “Vision, Inspiration and Integrity” one of the fundamental concepts of effective leadership.

Effective Leadership is often quoted as key to the success or otherwise of an organisation and one which was explored at our recent Leadership and Quality Conference where the 100 strong audience heard from speakers from Scotland and across Europe on what it means to Lead with Vision, Inspiration, and Integrity.

When we polled our conference audience around the most important characteristics of leadership again it’s not surprising that strategic vision came out on top clearly followed by communication.  A clear example of that strategic vision and how it has been effectively communicated was presented on the day from Wheatley, telling their story from the days of difficulty as Glasgow Housing Association through to the Think Yes programme of staff empowerment.  Martin Armstrong took over as CEO in 2008 and placed the customer at the heart of everything that they do and as the main driver of the business and performance.  Customer Satisfaction now sits at 94% having increased from 67% just over 8 years ago.  Likewise staff satisfaction has gone from 55% to 94% in the same time period.  The Wheatley story is truly one of transformational leadership and we are delighted to continue to work with them as they continue their excellence approach.

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