Committed to Excellence

Even the longest journey starts with a single step. Beginning a business improvement programme can seem like a daunting prospect, however Committed to Excellence (C2E) is an ideal starting point for any organisation wishing to embark on an improvement programme. C2E has been designed to help organisations understand their current level of performance and to identify, prioritise, and implement improvement projects.

What are the benefits?

  • It's a practical and simple way to adopt the principles of the EFQM Excellence Model and self-assessment
  • Independent assessment of your organisation by accredited Quality Scotland Assessors
  • Detailed feedback on your organisation's approach to continuous improvement
  • Internationally recognised accreditation for 2 years
  • Supports bids for contracts and funding
  • Rewards your team's work and achievements
  • A simple and effective approach to recognition
  • Development of a culture of excellence

Committed to Excellence Levels

Project Validation

Applicant GuideThis is an entry level route if your organisation has little or no experience and requires a simple way to get started on your excellence journey. Following a self-assessment, you are required to demonstrate that you have implemented 3 improvement projects, using the principles of the EFQM Excellence Model and RADAR logic, in a submission document. Two accredited Assessors will then visit the organisation to validate what has been written in the submission and the outcomes delivered by the improvement projects. A written feedback report will be provided on your performance for each project with strengths and areas for improvement identified. 

Applicant GuideAssessment

This is a more rigorous assessment of your whole organisation rather than three improvement projects. After a self-assessment you need to complete a submission, which contains an overview of the organisation and descriptions of its key approaches. Two accredited Assessors will then visit your organisation to validate what has been written in the submission; this visit will take the form of interviews on five key themes followed by a focus group with a wider cross-section of staff. A detailed feedback report is provided which identifies key strengths
and improvement opportunities to support future improvement plans. 

EQUIP C2EFeel like you need support for your self-assessment? 

Quality Scotland offers facilitation services and online packages to help facilitate your self-assessment for both levels of Committed to Excellence. EQUIP also helps reduce the time and effort to put together your submission document and achieve tangible results from your improvement activities.