Changes to your Network Meetings in 2018

network logoHere is your 2018 schedule of Network Meetings:

22nd February – Voluntary Sector Network
19th April – Annual Cross Sector Network
28th August – Voluntary Sector Network
30th August – Private Sector Network
13th September – Public Sector Network
1st November – Housing Association Network
29th November – Voluntary Sector Network

Based on member feedback and the great success of last year’s Cross Sector Network meeting, we have made some adjustments to our network plans for the year ahead. With people being an organisation’s most valuable resource we understand it can be difficult to commit time away to join one of our network meetings. So while the Voluntary Sector Network, which has been running for over 15 years, will still meet three times a year, the other sector networks will meet once and we will host a Cross Sector Network every year to help share best practice across sectors and industries.

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