ChartMany recognise the importance of benchmarking but struggle with where and how to begin. Quality Scotland has developed some training offerings around Benchmarking and also works in partnership with PERform Consulting & Development to help support our members.

Why benchmark?

Benchmarking not only shows where your organisation fits within its sector and competitors, it can help with your continuous improvement activities.

  • Identify opportunities for improvement and identify strengths that help your organisation stand apart from others 
  • Discover best practices that can be adapted to suit your organisation's processes and goals
  • Set effective targets for improvement
  • Respond to national, or international, performance indicators and benchmarks
  • Enhance your organisation's reputation

Benchmarking Webinar

This webinar is a quick, theoretical introduction to Benchmarking created to provide an overview of the different kinds of benchmarking, help you determine next steps for you and your organisation, and as preparation for the Quality Scotland Benchmarking Workshop.

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