Awards Assessor

Recognised for Excellence Assessment

Scottish Awards for Business Excellence 2018

RESULT - What did you want to achieve and did you achieve it? 

I wanted to put the theory into practice - I had working knowledge of the model, having used it in different roles and had updated my training but had never been part of an assessment team.

APPROACH - What approach did you take? 

I contacted Quality Scotland and they provided me with information and also gave me access to a very informative webinar.

DEPLOYMENT - How did you go about taking this approach forward? 

I sought approval from my line manager to participate in the process as part of my own continued professional development.

ASSESSMENT & REFINEMENT - How did you review what you had done? 

All Assessors who contribute to the process have the opportunity to provide a feedback report regarding the team they have worked with and the assessment process. This provides valuable feedback and a key learning point for me is to be more confident in the experience I can bring to the assessment team.  To this end I have put myself forward to be part of an assessment team again this year.

What are 2 or 3 key learning points you would like to share for the benefit of other members?

I had a tendency to be too detailed when writing up my own notes at the end of each day.

Do not be afraid of assessing an organisation out with your own sector as organisations, regardless of their sector often face similar issues.

“I found the experience to be so rewarding that I have put myself forward to be part of an assessment team again this year.”

2018 Awards Assessor

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