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Recognised for Excellence 3 star


Sense Scotland supports over 1,000 children, young people and adults who have communication support needs across Scotland. We believe people should have a choice in how they live their lives and provide support throughout Scotland for people to be active and independent. We offer a range of services from support with regular daily activities to advice, information and short breaks.  We have developed many added value services such as our Parent Enabler Project and One Giant Leap which supports young people making the transition from school to adult life, and we work in partnerships with other organisations across Scotland, Europe and worldwide supporting and promoting communication development, Outdoor Activities and Arts.

Why R4E?

Sense Scotland believes in EFQM as a sound framework to guide our business model.  Having achieved Committed to Excellence in 2011, we felt ready to meet the challenging criteria required by the R4E award.

Our Journey

Sense Scotland has always been committed to offering quality services to the people we support, their families     and carers and our other partners.  As a social care provider, we are already assessed against models which measure the quality of the care and support we provide, while the EFQM model offers a framework to assure the quality of our business model. 

We promoted the EFQM model throughout the organisation, ensuring that everyone knew what was going on and felt that they were a part of the process. This really helped people to see how their efforts worked towards the goals of the organisation.

The award has meant that people can see clear evidence of our commitment to continuous improvement and quality. It also recognises the staff team who work tirelessly to provide an exceptional service to the people we support and their families and carers.

Future plans

We are already preparing our second R4E submission.  We have used our feedback from assessors to create an action plan to improve and hone our business model.  We have prioritised some areas and will continue to assess and develop the way we do things to ensure that we give the people we support sustainable, added value services, delivered where, when and how they want them.

 A more detailed version of this case study is available for Quality Scotland Members on the Members' Area of our website

The Benefits

  • Customer satisfaction with leadership and management 95% in 2014-15
  • Satisfaction with staffing 97%
  • Satisfaction with service 99%
  • Quality Assurance Programme increases scores from regulator by 3%
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