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Craigdale Housing Association

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Craigdale Housing Association is a voluntary organisation which builds, improves and manages houses, mainly for rent in the Castlemilk area of Glasgow. Our origins date back to 1988 when a local residents group was established, which went on to receive a stock transfer of housing from Glasgow City Council.

Craigdale has focused on improving the physical appearance and the appeal of the area. Nine phases of development have been completed generating 398 new and improved homes for rent, shared ownership and owner occupation. Each phase has been developed with the needs and aspirations of tenants and the community in mind.

As a Housing Association with charitable status, Craigdale has to meet the high standards set down by the Scottish Housing Regulator and the Scottish Charities Regulator.

Like other registered social landlords, Craigdale has members who hold a £1 share and a voluntary Management Committee elected from among the members and is responsible for the overall affairs of the Association. A team of professional staff carry out the day to day work and ensure our customers business is kept confidential.

“To say we were over the moon at being awarded 5 Star Recognised for Excellence would be an understatement.  We were ecstatic as the award is such an honour.  We are a small organisation and the 5 Star award demonstrates to Team Craigdale that we have been recognised nationally for our passion, driving our organisation forward, providing excellent services to our tenants and encouraging others to do the same.  Our excellence journey has been challenging but definitely worthwhile and we are a better organisation as a result.  Craigdale is proof that smaller organisations can punch well above their weight if they set their mind to it.”

Morag Cameron, Chairperson

Our Journey

Craigdale has always aimed at delivering a high quality service. Having restructured in 2008 to provide greater internal efficiencies and ultimately a more coordinated service to tenants, we have embedded an excellence culture that keeps us at the forefront of our sector. We are driven by this mindset with a determination to succeed in a businesslike and professional manner.  In order to formally identify our strengths and the areas we may want to consider developing further, we decided to progress our quality journey with a structured approach and, with the assistance of Quality Scotland, embarked on the Committed to Excellence Programme in 2009 achieving the award the same year.  

We identified 3 areas for improvement and implemented a programme of action for each initiative. One of the positive outcomes from this process was securing, in January 2011, certification by the Scottish Government as an accredited agency to provide advice and information in 10 key areas of housing law.

We have progressed further as part of our strategic aims and were successful in achieving Recognised for Excellence 3 star in 2012. Not resting on our laurels we continued to look at ways of raising our profile and expertise further and were successful in achieving Recognised for Excellence 5 star in 2014. At the time we were the only small Housing Association to achieve this.  En route, we received a Commendation at the Scottish Home Awards under the category of Best Small Housing Association of the Year 2009 and went on to win it in 2010 and 2014. We have also achieved and maintained IIP Gold.

Quality Scotland has recognised our achievements, awarding Liz McGinniss, CEO, the Ambassador in Excellence and Leadership in Excellence awards for her exemplary commitment to excellence in a leadership role. Craigdale uses the EFQM Excellence Model to enable us to assess strengths and areas for improvement in detail across the nine key areas of the excellence model. And the overarching philosophy of continuous improvement drives forward our excellence journey.

The Benefits

  • The positive ways the association has coped with the major challenges as a result of housing and welfare reform
  • The consistently high levels of staff and tenant satisfaction
  • The involvement of tenants both at committee level and on the ground
  • The profile of our organisation

Hints & Tips

  • Get the whole organisation to buy in to why you want to undertake the journey, what the advantages will be to your organisation and link it directly to your organisation’s strategic objectives – demystify the process!
  • Identify at least one ‘sponsor’ at a senior level to champion the importance and benefits and ensure that resources (staff time and training budget/accreditation fees) can be devoted to implementing a structured approach to self-assessment and continual improvement.
  • Make sure your ‘sponsor’ takes part in EFQM training (assessor & submission preparation) so that the organisation fully understands the model and embeds it in the organisation.
  • When identifying your 3 improvement priorities make sure that they link into and compliment your wider strategic ambitions.  Also think about what impact they will have on your organisational goals, results, business plan and service delivery.
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