Quality Scotland Assessors

Below is the complete list of accredited EFQM Assessors trained by Quality Scotland. These individuals have completed their Basic Assessor and EFQM Assessor Training and some have gone on to participate in one of our Assessor Teams for the Scottish Awards for Business Excellence. Accreditation lasts for 2 years and must be kept up to date for names to be kept on this list. Accredited Assessors are also listed on the official EFQM Training Participants Database.

Last Name First Name Organisation Name Expiry Date
Adams Jason Glasgow City Council 12/10/2019
Aitken Lesley West Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership 12/12/2019
Aitken Roy Scottish Autism 07/06/2018
Atanasova Ani 27/09/2018
Bell Elaine Abellio ScotRail Ltd 19/04/2018
Berry Maureen Healthcare Improvement Scotland 13/12/2018
Bissett Sharon Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire 23/05/2019
Booker Stuart Fife Council 27/09/2018
Boyd Stewart Leonardo MW Ltd 09/02/2018
Boyd Teeda Voluntary Action South Lanarkshire 13/06/2019
Boyd Evonne Skills Development Scotland 30/03/2019
Bradley Pat Dunbritton Housing Association Ltd 25/10/2018
Brand Chris Skills Development Scotland 30/03/2019
Brooking Allan Abellio ScotRail Ltd 14/03/2019
Brough Linda North Ayrshire Council 19/04/2018
Brown Janice Care Inspectorate 09/02/2018
Bruce Nathan North East Autism Society 15/03/2018
Burns Nancy Skills Development Scotland 13/09/2019
Burton Kirsty 10/05/2018
Cameron Nicola Skills Development Scotland 02/08/2018
Cameron Lauren North Ayrshire Council 19/04/2018
Camley Emma Cube Housing Association 05/06/2019
Campbell Fraser Skills Development Scotland 09/02/2018
Cannon John Quality Scotland 13/09/2018
Carnochan Heather Dumfries & Galloway Council 30/08/2018
Carr Chris Argyll & Bute Council 10/05/2018
Chan Francis Hong Kong Police 07/11/2018
Clements Bill CVS Inverclyde 26/09/2019
Cloy Lara Dumfries & Galloway Council 30/08/2018
Colligan Kay West Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership 25/10/2018
Craig Eleanor Scottish Fire & Rescue Service 13/06/2019
Cruickshanks Isla North Ayrshire Council 19/04/2018
Cumming Jane Penumbra 10/10/2019
Cunningham Kelly ELCAP 31/10/2019
Dale Richard Wheatley Group 03/05/2018
Daly Kieran Voluntary Action Scotland 27/09/2018
Dawson Gordon Perth and Kinross Council (Corporate Organisational Development) 02/08/2018
Deas Jackie Care Inspectorate 13/12/2018
Devlin Scott Cube Housing Association 07/11/2019
Dickie Avril Dumfries & Galloway Council 30/08/2018
Dillon Mary Scottish Fire & Rescue Service 10/05/2018
Douglas Wendy Kingdom Housing Association 02/08/2018
Druggan Amanda Scottish Autism 07/06/2018
Dunlop Serena Dumfries & Galloway Council 26/09/2019
Fairbairn Gwyneth Dumfries & Galloway Council 30/08/2018
Fallon Cathy Loretto Housing Association (& Loretto Care) 03/05/2018
Ferguson Amanda Glasgow City Council 02/10/2019
Ferguson Neil Trust Housing Association 13/06/2019
Fontana Ann-Marie Cube Housing Association 05/06/2019
Forbes Joyce Langstane Housing Association Ltd 22/02/2019
Fotheringham Lynsey West Lothian Housing Partnership 03/05/2018
Fraser Pamela Dumfries & Galloway Council 26/09/2019
Frew Stephen Glasgow City Council 31/10/2019
Gall Dawn NHS Health Scotland 29/11/2018
Gibb Alison Bield Housing 26/09/2019
Gibson Esther North Ayrshire Council 07/02/2019
Gilchrist Joanna Education Scotland 14/03/2019
Gill Jon Scottish Social Services Council 26/09/2019
Gorman Jim Scottish Autism 07/06/2018
Gray Julie Skills Development Scotland 09/11/2019
Gray Tracey Skills Development Scotland 21/11/2019
Greene Keith Skills Development Scotland 21/11/2019
Greenshields Jane Skills Development Scotland 21/11/2019
Grieve Carol Care Inspectorate 09/02/2018
Guild Charlene Care Inspectorate 09/02/2018
Hanley Ian Inverclyde Council 09/05/2019
Harkins David Scottish Autism 07/06/2018
Harkness Anne Dumfries & Galloway Council 30/08/2018
Harper Helen Education Scotland 14/03/2019
Henderson Graeme Scottish Social Services Council 07/11/2019
Henderson Susan Langstane Housing Association Ltd 22/02/2019
Hendry Adam Wheatley Group 03/05/2018
Hermiston Brian Skills Development Scotland 21/11/2019
Hetman Rose Clackmannanshire Council 07/02/2019
Higginson Emma-Jade Skills Development Scotland 13/09/2019
Hill Afton Glasgow City Council 12/10/2019
Hitchen Corey Skills Development Scotland 26/09/2019
Holmes Colin Dumfries & Galloway Council 30/08/2018
Howarth Angela Quality Scotland 13/09/2018
Howat Jayne Dumfries & Galloway Council 26/09/2019
Huddleston Michael Places for People Scotland Care & Support 10/10/2019
Hung Kit Hong Kong Police 07/11/2018
Hutcheson Catriona Healthcare Improvement Scotland 13/12/2018
Irvine Lauren Quality Scotland 13/09/2018
Jackson Helen Care Inspectorate 09/02/2018
Johnston Irene Skills Development Scotland 13/06/2019
Johnston Elaine Midlothian Council 22/02/2019
Johnston Audrey West Lothian Council 14/06/2018
Jones Ray Care Inspectorate 09/02/2018
Keane Sara Quality Scotland 13/09/2018
Kellett Nigel Axon' Cable Ltd 22/02/2019
Kemp Joanna 15/03/2018
Kerr Hazel Dumfries & Galloway Council 26/09/2019
Kerr Jacqueline Skills Development Scotland 30/03/2019
Key Fiona West Lothian Council 10/10/2019
Killen Gerry Hong Kong Police 07/11/2018
Kirkwood Peter Skills Development Scotland 30/03/2019
Lam Rene Hong Kong Police 07/11/2018
Law Lesley Dumfries & Galloway Council 26/09/2019
Liddle Fiona Quality Scotland 13/09/2018
Lister Felicity Scottish Autism 07/06/2018
Lorimer Sandra Dundee City Council 25/10/2018
Lumb Christopher Care Inspectorate 09/02/2018
MacDonald Amelia Healthcare Improvement Scotland 13/12/2018
Maclaren Jackie TSI Moray 23/05/2019
MacLean Agnes Glasgow City Council 02/10/2019
Marshall David Bield Housing 26/09/2019
McCann Catherine Wheatley Group 03/05/2018
McCormack Karen Care Inspectorate 09/02/2018
McCormick Michelle Wheatley Group 07/02/2019
McCullagh Linda Voluntary Action East Renfrewshire 27/09/2018
McDougall Catriona Quality Scotland 12/12/2019
McGuire Lynne Skills Development Scotland 21/11/2019
McHardy Claire Glasgow City Council 12/10/2019
McLaughlin Gillian Wheatley Group 03/05/2018
McLaughlin Paddy Wheatley Group 31/10/2019
McLeish Vikki Scottish Social Services Council 26/09/2019
McNish Gillian Dumfries & Galloway Council 26/09/2019
McNutt Karen Skills Development Scotland 13/09/2019
McWhir Carol Ann Dumfries & Galloway Council 30/08/2018
Miller Jasmine New Struan School 14/03/2019
Mitchell Evelyn Changeworks 25/10/2018
Monaghan Thomas Healthcare Improvement Scotland 07/02/2019
Morrow Fiona Skills Development Scotland 09/11/2019
Mulholland Carole Skills Development Scotland 31/10/2019
Murphy Lisa North East Autism Society 07/11/2019
Murray Caron Cube Housing Association 05/06/2019
Murray Karen Skills Development Scotland 09/11/2019
Nisbet Carol Cube Housing Association 05/06/2019
O'Donnell Agnes Skills Development Scotland 15/03/2018
O'Donnell Lesley Skills Development Scotland 21/11/2019
Ovens Alan Leonardo MW Ltd 09/02/2018
Parkes Elaine Glasgow City Council 12/10/2019
Partington Liz Changeworks 14/06/2018
Paterson Gordon Care Inspectorate 09/02/2018
Paul Lynn Leonardo MW Ltd 09/02/2018
Phillips Kimberley Dumfries & Galloway Council 30/08/2018
Ramsey Andrew Scottish Autism 07/06/2018
Reid Gillian Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS) 29/11/2018
Robertson Stuart Caledonia Housing Association 15/03/2018
Rogan Lynda Glasgow City Council 02/10/2019
Samborek Helen Healthcare Improvement Scotland 13/12/2018
Sanderson Jim Eildon Housing Association Ltd 07/11/2019
Sansom Jamie Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS) 29/11/2018
Scott Hilary Eildon Housing Association Ltd 23/11/2018
Scott Tom Voluntary Action Scotland 23/05/2019
Shurmur Chris Leonardo MW Ltd 09/02/2018
Simpson Sarah Scottish Social Services Council 26/09/2019
Skouse John Care Inspectorate 13/12/2018
Sloan Heather Dumfries & Galloway Council 30/08/2018
Smith Janice Glasgow City Council 02/10/2019
Sneddon Elaine 14/03/2019
Storer Tracey Skills Development Scotland 13/09/2019
Suttie Irene Sense Scotland 07/02/2019
Taggart Deborah Eildon Housing Association Ltd 29/11/2018
Tam Wendy Hong Kong Police 07/11/2018
Taylor Sam Sense Scotland 09/05/2019
Taylor Gary Skills Development Scotland 21/11/2019
Temke Ian Dumfries & Galloway Council 30/08/2018
Thompson Annie Dumfries & Galloway Council 26/09/2019
Thomson Leahan West Lothian Council 02/08/2018
Thornley Edelweisse Glasgow City Council 12/12/2019
Treger Ian Port of Leith Housing Association 13/06/2019
Trousdale Craig Wheatley Group 03/05/2018
Wallace Jordan Quality Scotland ex-staff 10/10/2019
Waterson Sarah RNIB VILD Services 19/04/2018
Webb Rachel Scottish Autism 14/06/2018
Whitefield Eddie Dumfries & Galloway Council 30/08/2018
Wilkinson Michael City Property (Glasgow) LLP 12/10/2019
Williamson Alan Inverclyde Council 09/05/2019
Williamson Maggie West Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership 25/10/2018
Wilson John Abellio ScotRail Ltd 19/04/2018
Wong Chloe Hong Kong Police 07/11/2018
Woods Fiona Wheatley Group 25/10/2018
Wylie Maureen Care Inspectorate 13/12/2018
Young Angela Care Inspectorate 09/02/2018
Young Debbie Glasgow City Council 12/10/2019
Yule Tina HM Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland 31/10/2019
Zambonini Jackie Glasgow City Council 00/01/1900