First ScotRail

First ScotRail

5 Star Recognised for Excellence and winners of the Scottish Award for Business Excellence 2014

June 2014

The decision to invest in the EFQM framework was taken at Chief Executive and Director Level, and it was really beneficial having the support upfront.

We worked closely with Quality Scotland and after receiving the appropriate training, a core group was formed to run the project. The core group developed a ‘journey of excellence’ that supported the strategic objectives.

The Benefits

  • Customer data used to systematically improve timetable and products
  • Within capacity constraint – more services, faster journeys and better connections
  • Value for money and customer focused product
  • Focussed marketing and website investment

Hints & Tips

First ScotRail developed a top down communications strategy to reinforce the culture change

Ensure staff buy-in by effectively communicating the results of the self-assessment process

Link EFQM excellence model and continuous improvement to what you are already doing to ensure continuous improvement as an organsiation

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