19th Apr 2018

Annual Cross Sector Network Meeting

The Cross Sector Network meeting is an annual meeting open to members of all our network groups: Public; Private; Voluntary and Housing Association. Providing an opportunity for members to network and share their experience across different sectors.

24th Apr 2018

EFQM Assessor Training

Your passport to becoming an EFQM Assessor, this course is the only official EFQM Assessor Training available in Scotland. 

26th Apr 2018

Submission Writers' Workshop

Designed for members/non-members looking to apply for Recognised for Excellence as part of the 2018/2019 or 2019/2020 Awards Cycle.

26th Apr 2018

Self-Assessment Aligned to EFQM and the Care Inspectorate

Quality Scotland Members Only

Balancing preparing for self-assessments, inspections, and audits while working towards strategic goals is a difficulty facing many organisations today. Quality Scotland is working to try and help reduce the duplication of effort by aligning Care Inspectorate inspections and Overarching Principles to the EFQM Excellence Model.

30th Apr 2018

Practical Tools for Project Management

Do some project management approaches seem unnecessarily complex for your needs? Are projects not as successful as they might be? Do you need some straightforward tools to structure your project plans and actions?

1st May 2018

Process Mapping and Improvement

Designed to be highly participative, this course enables delegates to understand what a process is and how to map processes, create a process flow diagram and identify areas for improvement based on quality, cost or time.