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Recognised for Excellence 3 star

June 2014

Our Journey

Following in the footsteps of our colleagues in GHA, we were inspired to explore the Recognised for Excellence journey and see how our business fits with the framework.  Having recently received other external accreditations, we were excited about this new challenge and its final outcome.

It was clear at early stages of drafting the submission document that we could be smarter with certain business processes, e.g. collating relevant measurable data.   We also had a number of new business processes launched within the last year therefore, it was difficult to evaluate the added value of certain approaches at that time.

Alison McDiarmid, Director:

‘We put our success down to team work and preparation. The award ceremony was a great afternoon, although this started with some admittedly anxious anticipation.  We now have a much welcomed award of which we are very proud.’

Communication within our team was key to this experience.  We involved our team at all stages from the submission input to the assessment interview.  Everyone involved was naturally apprehensive about the unknown, but very enthusiastic about the process and the result/feedback.

We recognised most of the identified areas for improvement in the feedback report and this allowed us to set out clear improvement plans.  We also do the ‘So What’ test with all new ideas and approaches. 

We started our R4E journey in November 2013, and achieved our official 3 star recognition in June 2014.   We continue to progress our Improvement Plan, and in the near future will effectively contribute in the wider Wheatley Group’s Journey to Excellence.

The Benefits

  • The feedback report helped us to establish a baseline position, which will allow us to measure progress over time
  • Assisted us in formatting a best practice approach to collating data
  • Helped us understand the importance of reviewing our processes
  • Helped us prioritise our areas for improvements
  • Helped us review our current measures/targets, and ensure the data we collate is appropriate and relevant

Hints & Tips

Familiarise yourself with the framework and the assessment plan.

Ensure your house is in order. Collating evidence for the submission document can be time consuming, therefore, it is beneficial if you have a clear plan of the evidence you want to produce in advance. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek guidance from others who have gone through the process already. 

Look positively towards the assessment.  The assessors want to get the best out of your organisation and provide you with constructive, realistic and actionable feedback.

If possible, have a dedicated resource/team work through the submission document.

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