Quality Scotland are conscious that when you interact with our website you are at times trusting us with private information.

You have our assurance that your information will not be shared with any other organisations except our bankers who handle credit and debit card transactions for booking courses and memberships originating from this site.

In particular our Terms and Conditions state:

4. Personal Data

4.1 Quality Scotland acknowledges that when the User interacts with the Website, it may disclose Personal Data to Quality Scotland. Quality Scotland confirms that the User’s Personal Data will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. 

4.2 Quality Scotland confirms that it uses the User’s Personal Data for the following purposes:-

4.2.1 to process and deliver Customer orders pursuant to clauses 5 and 6 of the Terms and Conditions; and

4.2.2 to administer any Membership.

4.3 Quality Scotland confirms that it does not share the User’s Personal Data with any other organisations for commercial use.

4.4 By providing its Personal Data to Quality Scotland, the User consents to the processing of the Personal Data pursuant to sub-clause 4.2 of the Terms and Conditions.


Should you have any queries regarding your privacy or information security please contact us on 0131 225 5765 or email us.