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New EFQM Assessor Development Path - Adding Value to Your Career

From January 2017 Quality Scotland will support the revised and updated EFQM Assessor Development path through the delivery of our new training courses. These courses are designed to support the development of current and future assessors, allowing them to grow their skillset over time and gain experience through practice.

After completing your EFQM Assessor course you are accredited to be an external Assessor for Recognised for Excellence assessments and can put your training into practice.

Basic Assessor Introduction Webinar

This webinar will provide you with an introduction to / refresher of the Basic Assessor Training.

24th August  12th September  24th October

Basic Assessor Training Workshop (half day) 

What makes an excellent organisation? This practical half-day workshop is designed to answer that question, based on understanding the links between the 2013 EFQM Excellence Model, the Fundamental Concepts, and the RADAR© logic.

8th August   5th September  3rd October

EFQM Assessor Training (2 days) 

This new 2-day course provides you with theoretical and practical in-depth experience of assessing an organisation with the EFQM Excellence Model; it uses a case study close to a real submission document to simulate real-life assessing conditions for the group exercises.

26th September  10th October   7th November 

EFQM Qualified Assessor Training (3 days)

This intensive 3-day course will further develop your assessor competencies and their practical application through greater understanding of an organisation's context and strategic priorities.  It will confirm your experience through team work and discussion forums, supported by a case study, enabling you to perform a close to real life assessment of an organisation applying for the Recognised for Excellence programme.

  24th October   21st November   12th December

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