Book a Table

Quality Scotland is delighted that you wish to attend the Scottish Awards for Business Excellence on the 21st June 2018. Please use this online form to book your table and an invoice for £800 +VAT will be sent once completed. After the 31st March the charge for a table will increase to £900 +VAT.

Individual seats can be booked on the Scottish Awards for Business Excellence event.

(Submitting a booking confirms you have read and accepted our cancellation policy.)

Please let us know how many tables you require. There are 10 seats per table.
If your organisation doesn't require a PO Number on invoices please insert N/A.
Organisations who are taking part in one of the Awards are allocated a free seat. Sponsor organisations receive a discount on additional seat bookings. These deductions will be taken off the total of your invoice.
Assessors who were part of a 2018 Recognised for Excellence Assessment receive a free seat. If one of your party is an Assessor, please fill in this field with their name and their seat price will be deducted from your invoice.