Be an Assessor

Sign up to be an Assessor and develop your skills and experience: 

  • Put your EFQM assessor skills into practice
  • Continue learning in a hands on, real-time situation
  • Enhance your communication and leadership skills
  • Evidence continuing professional development
  • Gain a unique insight into the inner workings of an applicant organisation
  • Witness first hand ideas and management interventions that demonstrate best practice and add to your comprehension of continuous improvement in action.

The Scottish Awards for Business Excellence recognise various organisations across all sectors for their different levels of achievement. To complete the Recognised for Excellence level of assessment we require a selection of Accredited EFQM Assessors, from a range of backgrounds and levels of experience who possess a high level of expertise and experience in business improvement, together with a balanced approach and reputation for integrity. 

The majority of last year’s Assessors are likely to recommend participation in a R4E assessment to a colleague and felt their objectives for taking part had been met. These objectives included:

  • Increase understanding of the application of the EFQM Excellence Model.
  • Opportunity to see how other companies work and identify best practice that could help their own organisation.
  • Consolidate learning gained from Assessor training.
  • Meeting a new challenge – get to develop skills outside of usual job role such as interviewing, presenting, report writing etc.
  • Gain experience of a different industry and sector.
  • Learn from more experienced Assessors.

Assessors particularly valued:

  • The opportunity to learn from others and work with like-minded people.
  • The chance to look in-depth at how another organisation embeds a culture of excellence.
  • Working with Assessors from a variety of backgrounds.
  • Being able to provide value-adding feedback to another organisation. 
Apply here to be added to Quality Scotland's Assessor Pool and be considered for a Recognised for Excellence Assessment Team.

What our Assessors say...

“For me, it was an absolutely fantastic opportunity to carry out an assessment. To meet and work alongside Assessors from other organisations and share their experiences. It was also interesting to hear different people's views on the information collated during assessment and how, as a team, we all reached consensus. A great experience all round.”

“Fantastic to see and feel the sense of pride in the room at the awards ceremony-such a fantastic event. It is a privilege to be involved in the whole process and have made great friends as a result. Good to be part of something great.”

“Participating as an Assessor in the team has spurred me on to do more to do more and shown me that as an organisation we are on the right track.”